Peach Raspberry Swirl

Little more work than I would like for a quick breakfast for work but would be really nice with a weekend brunch. This recipe is from the Blue Diamond website.

The Recipe:
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup frozen peaches
1 cup frozen raspberries

1. Blend almond milk and peaches until smooth. Pour a little more than half into a measuring cup or similar container.

2. Blend raspberries with the remaining peach smoothie in the blender until smooth.

3. Pour both flavours into a glass at the same time; swirl with a straw.

Peach Raspberry Swirl

My Experience:

This recipe makes 2 servings (only 84 calories per serving).

So instead of pouring half of the peach smoothie into a measuring cup, I poured 1/4 in one glass and 1/4 in a second glass. Once the raspberry smoothie was ready, I just poured it into the glasses. I don’t have straws so I stirred with a spoon. I don’t think this has as nice of a presentation effect as it should have had.

When making the peach smoothie, you could also add some sweetener but I did not think it was necessary.

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