Quick Sauerkraut

I decided to make sausages for supper (gluten-free chicken wieners with no bun for me) and you can’t have Bratwurst sausages without sauerkraut.

The Recipe:
8 cups very thinly sliced cabbage
1 Granny Smith apple, cut into thin matchsticks
1/3 cup unseasoned rice vinegar
1 tsp. low-sodium fish sauce
1/2 tsp. caraway seeds
1 tsp. salt

1. In large bowl, combine all ingredients.

2. Let stand 3 hours, stirring occasionally.

Quick Sauerkraut

My Experience:

Super easy, homemade sausage topping to make. Keeps in the fridge, covered, for up to 3 days. And only 25 calories per 1/2 cup serving.

I skipped the fish sauce. I didn’t have any and when I went to the store, the only bottle I could find was for almost $4 and I knew I would only be using 1 tsp. I thought it tasted fine without it but I’m sure it would have been better with.

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