Ginger Ale Pulled Pork

I had a craving for pulled pork, I went to the grocery store and beautiful pork shoulder was on sale… clearly, it was fate. And this recipe definitely hit the spot, cooking low and slow in the crock pot, and made one of the best (and easiest) pulled pork sandwiches I have had.

The Recipe:
4 lbs. pork roast (shoulder or butt)
2 large onions, sliced
1 cup ginger ale
1 bottle of your favorite barbeque sauce
More of your favorite barbeque sauce for serving, optional

1. Place one onion worth in the bottom of the crock pot. Put in the roast and cover with the other onion. Pour over the ginger ale.

2. Cover and cook on LOW for about 12 hours.

3. Remove the meat, strain and save the onions, discard all liquid. With two forks, shred the meat, discarding any remaining fat, bones or skin (if any). Most of the fat will have melted away.

4. Return the shredded meat and the onions to the crock pot, stir in the barbeque sauce. Continue to cook for another 4 to 6 hours on LOW.

5. Serve with hamburger buns or rolls and additional barbecue sauce.

Pulled Pork

My Experience:

Just so you know, any leftovers freeze very well. You could even freeze ready-made sandwiches: scoop of meat on a bun, wrap well is saran, freeze. To reheat, remove from wrapping, wrap in a paper towel, microwave for 1-2 minutes. Before making, just remember that you need about 18 hours cook time. Would be great to cook overnight and have for lunch. You could always cut down on cook time by cooking on high, but really, it’s just not as good as cooking it on low. With the full cook time, the pork just fell apart and the meat was so tender.

The barbecue sauce that I used was Bull’s-Eye Hickory Smoke flavour and I thought it was really good! And it seems that all Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauces are gluten-free (except Guinness flavour). I didn’t cook 4 pounds of meat, I cooked about 2 pounds and I used the whole bottle. So make sure you have that extra sauce because you can never go wrong with too much sauce.

I served the sandwich on a fresh bakery bun and a side of coleslaw (for gluten-free, obviously use GF buns). Normally, I would not buy that type of coleslaw but I love vinegar based slaw and the grocery store I was shopping at only had this one. But you can’t have a pulled pork sandwich without coleslaw.

I’ve posted a Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe before, but I like this one better.

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