Bourbon Glazed Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Bourbon Glazed Peameal Bacon Sandwich

I absolutely love peameal bacon. I usually just slice and fry in a frying pan and enjoy with a little mustard. When I saw this recipe, I just KNEW that I had to go buy some peameal bacon to try it out! Definitely worth the wait (I couldn’t find peameal bacon in my local grocery store for about 2 weeks, and it was driving me nuts with all the anticipation).

Pork and Bacon Burger

Pork and Bacon Burgers

I’ve been buying a lot of ground pork lately because it has been on sale and I really love the change up from ground beef. When looking for a burger recipe, this one from the Food network caught my eye (ok, maybe the bacon in the recipe caught my eye).

Slow Cooker Bacon Spread

Yes, you read that right. I made this bacon jam as a DIY Christmas gift this year for the men in my family. When I saw this Martha Stewart recipe, I just couldn’t resist trying it. And what man doesn’t like bacon? I also brought some to work and although skeptical at first, many of my coworkers really liked it.

Pulled Pork

Ginger Ale Pulled Pork

I had a craving for pulled pork, I went to the grocery store and beautiful pork shoulder was on sale… clearly, it was fate. And this recipe definitely hit the spot, cooking low and slow in the crock pot, and made one of the best (and easiest) pulled pork sandwiches I have had.